Bivvy Zip Marker

Firefly Self illuminating Bivvy Zip Marker complete with Split Ring using trigalight GTLS technology (Gaseous Tritium Light Source)

Zip Pull markers allow bivvy zips (or personal property, military kit - anything you might need to find really !!) to be seen and located by the occupant in darkness.

Available in Green (Brightest), Yellow, Blue, White, Orange & Red - Please specify colour choice at checkout - If not specified, you will be sent a random colour choice.

Safe, reliable self powered light source are suitable for operation between -40C to 80C and can be used in water

Length of Marker - 20mm / GTLS 6mm

Location marker for vital equipment
Trench and safe route marking
Equipment marking and identification
Hazard and obstacle marking

Note : Each country has different regulations regarding the use of tritium in consumer products .

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Bivvy Zip Marker